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IMG_4354IMG_4235Traveling gives you the change of mood and of perspectives. When I travel for business purposes, to participate in conferences and forums, I stay at the venue just for the conferences, usually under pressure and too busy to appreciate the change of scenes.

However, when I travel for myself, I stay at one place and enjoy the relaxing time (different from my hectic life in Tokyo and elsewhere) and appreciate the beauty of the place. I come to Kauai for holiday seasons in the past decade or to, because it is warm, not too developed and commercial, and full of nature.

I enjoy watching the ocean, sun rise, sunset, clouds, big blue sky, rainbow and flowers while in Kauai. Though I still do some work and read materials etc. while in Kauai, the beautiful nature and soothing sound of waves in the Pacific in Kauai makes me feel very different.

IMG_4218IMG_4229Probably you can get a flavor of it from photos I post. (video I post on face book page?)

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