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Many people say that travel will  inspire you. My trips in 2014 consisted of the visit to regular places and that to new places, with the former accounting for large part. Even at the places I visit often, I have tried different (new) activities from those I usually try. I want the year 2015 takes me to the new and strange (exciting in different ways) places.

IMG_4416The fact that I am now freelancing without full time jobs allows me to plan more trips AND to make use of points and miles I have accumulated. (I need to check how I do this.)

I recall two decades ago that I made a decision to go to Asia to see and hear the pulse of emerging economies and young countries, while my trips until then focused on the West (mainly the US). I told many people that I would like to go to Asia when there are opportunities and I ended up going to several places (mainly for conferences) new.

I will plan more trips to the “new” places, in addition to the places where I go in order to enjoy the activities I love (meeting with family, friends, cultural activities such as concerts, outdoor activities, reading etc. in the relaxed manner with nice weather.) Many things to look forward to…

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