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I just got back from a week-long trip to Hong Kong. I was looking for the destination as I had some points which would expire at the end of this month, and Hong Kong seemed to be a good one- not too far, hopefully warmer, & exciting. So I just packed and went without any plans.
It turned out to be a nice relaxing time for me. I had marathon board meeting to attend via telephone one day and column to write to make a deadline. But that was just about all I had planned. In other words, I had no panel to attend, speech to give, etc. Before I left, I did not even try to contact people who might be in Hong Kong.
I was very fortunate as I ended up meeting friends who happened to be in Hong Kong and contacted me twice-once for dinner and once for lunch-and had a wonderful time.

Other than these two lucky meetings,  I did what I liked-daily workout at the gym which is open 24 hours, breakfast buffet with variety of food and great coffee, cocktail & appetizer available at Executive Lounge in the evening, walked around the park and went to Peak, and just watch people, nothing special.
Whenever I travel, it is either for the conference (and thus I have full schedule), or familiar places such as NYC, British Columbia and Hawaii where I lead almost similar life as I do in Tokyo (i.e. cooking, sports, music, reading, work etc.), and very little “sightseeing.” This trip was a bit different and relaxing. I did no cooking (no kitchen) and felt I could decide what I wanted to do each day without plans. I saw Star Wars and went to Christmas concerts a few times.
 The room was on the 28th floor with a great view, spacious, with wifi and comfortable bed. As my TV at home is so tiny (it is a joke), I enjoy watching big screenTV (and realize Fox News and CNN divide? and BBC…)
I reviewed my activities for the year 2017, wrote greetings and read a book. It was a nice way to do something different and to feel completely free.

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