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I hear that the New England area has been hit by the blizzard and hundreds of flights have been canceled today.  As it is the busiest travel season of the year, I feel so sorry for those who waited for several hours on the line to get on board. It seems many people are not able to rebook the flights so that they can get home for Christmas.

I traveled much shorter distance this time and the flight was quite pleasant. And yet, there were long lines everywhere and I spent several hours at a few airports. (Though I like airplanes and airports, I do NOT want to stay there for many hours!)

I got to the destination, rented a car, did my grocery shopping,and checked in at the condominium.  One of the first things I do is unpack and try my internet access from the unit.  This time I was a bit more nervous as I had one article I had to go over and revise before it is published. I also am waiting for the edited version of my other paper to come back so that I can send the finished version by Tuesday.  So internet access was critical!

Things go wrong at the time we want it to work most!  Though my unit has the internet access, I could not get on to the website.  The maintenance person came after three calls from me who was so desperate and checked the modem, etc. only to find that he could not find the solution to the problem.  As I was running out of time, I decided to go to the business center of the nearby hotel to send the revised article.  The business center was closed as it was Sunday!  I negotiated with the person at the reception to give me the key and prepaid card so that I can use the internet access there.  When I got onto the internet, I found out that the PC there does NOT show Japanese characters!  I had to write in English and attach the file (only the title needs to be English, with the content in Japanese).  It was quite nerve-wrecking.

By the time I came back to my unit, I was exhausted.  (I must have been up over 26 hours or more!) I debated whether I should  give myself a break, and worry about the internet access tomorrow, as my revised article was sent fine.

But the miracle happened!  I decided to give it one more try before collapsing and it worked!  I have no idea what happened. But here I am, writing a blog, e-mail in Japanese, receiving Japanese etc. etc.  What a relief! It is quite scary how much I depend on internet access!  I also realized that the Japanese is NOT available everywhere. (It has gotten much better, but not everywhere, I suppose.)

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