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  I have been frustrated with the lack of transparency, particularly in the report and announcement by TEPCO and the government.  Yesterday, I came across with one of the best explanations and analysis I have heard so far in the reporting of the nuclear concerns.  It is the program by Dr. Kenichi Ohmae broadcast on Youtube (unfortunately in Japanese) on March 19 and March 13.   Both are over one hour long, and  give a clear explanation of what seems to be going on at Fukushima nuclear plant, what needs to be done and what are the solutions he recommends to recover the Tohoku area damaged in the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear concern.  In the program broadcast yesterday (dated March 19), he clearly shows the lack of transparency or rather incompetency of the announcement and reporting from the TEPCO as well as from the government. I had thought that the foreign media was over-reacting to the issue, but now I think it is mainly due to the lack of transparency and further, the reluctance of keeping people informed of what is going on, what is known and what is not known. 

   He volunteers to lead the team of international experts on nuclear issues and to develop a comprehensive analysis and recommendation to be announced to the world.  I personally feel that he is best qualified for the job and wonder how we can make it happen.

  As I hear more about the concerns throughout the world and questions raised as to why the Japanese do not demand more transparency and information,  I feel that more damage can be done by us not demanding the information and transparency.  I understand that there are many issues involved, including the impact of nuclear policies in various countries  and the political concern around it, but I think it is time that we realize that we are entitled to get more information and the plan for the future.

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