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These days the topic I am asked for my view centers around “What is going on in Japan with Covid-19?”  and “What’s next for companies and Japan? I joined BBC Business Matters yesterday and today I had a chance to talk with another foreign media (Economist) and Japanese media (Nikkei).

I myself have been wondering and interested  how far we can go to transform ourselves in the wake of Covid-19.


On page 8 of today’s(July 15)  Japan Times, my commentary is post on Opinion column.  It is entitled “Are Japanese firms ready for transformational change?” with my hope that they are.  As I wrote and talked on many occasions, I think we should make the best of this Covid-19 which revealed many issues in Japan that we have discussed for some time, but not have implemented.  In this commentary, I talk mainly about the corporate responses from my recent experiences. as I believe corporations can play a significant role in moving Japan forward.

Here is the link to the article.  Majority of my recent commentary is on Covid-19, and you can read my past commentary through this link. .

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