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I find myself preoccupied with some worries and lacking concentration. Probably I have been trying to do too much.  Usually Monday is busy as I receive many notes and inquiries. Today I received few notice of cancellations.  I have draft to write and to follow up  activities I did yesterday, which makes me feel pressed.    I may be concerned about the case of infected store staff at the grocery store I go so often. (The store is still shut down today.)

With emergency declaration planned to go into effect tomorrow or so, there were more cars on the streets, and people at the grocery store and other places seem much more nervous.  I also heard that the staff at the company I work is found infected and the meetings will go online.  As this is the first time! to do board meeting online (rather surprising), the arrangement needs to be checked in advance.  (I tried and it did not work!)

I am amazed to find that mobility trends for places of work declines just 9% between February 16 to March 29 according to Covid-19 Community Mobility Report by Google. In my understanding, this data shows that people still go to work and those doing remote work/telework is still quite small. According to the survey by Persol Research Institute, the ratio of remote work by regular full time employees is 13.2%. About half of them tried tele work for the first time. These figures indicate that remote work/telework still accounts for small percentage. Now that the emergency declaration is imminent, we may find many companies suffer from lack of digital infrastructure and skills.

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