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Last night, June 13, was the  big night for the Tony Awards given to the musicals, plays, actors, actresses etc.   It turned out that “Memphis” won the Tony award for the best musical and the “Reds” won the best play and five other Tonys.  I went to see “Fela”, one of the nominees for the best musical (and other awards) on Sunday.  Fela was based upon the true story and was quite powerful.  It was very different from the “typical” musicals at Broadway.

I also wanted to see “Fences” which won for the best play revival, as Denzel Washington was the leading actor (and won the best actor in a play).   There were no tickets available for Fences.  This is the exciting time to be in New York City and this year has seen many good shows.

I finally got my iPAD yesterday and have found it awesome.  I even brought it to my stepson’s place where I had dinner.

You can tell how excited he and his kids are!  So am I!  (The case is still missing as it is out of stock!)

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