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Global leadership Academy 2013 was held for three days from Friday, March 8 through Sunday March 10.  It was for over 70 high school students from Tohoku area who visited the US under various TOMODACHI programs in the summer of  2012.

I was given an opportunity to do the initial workshop entitled “What is global agenda?” for 2.5 hours  Friday afternoon.  We began the session with reviewing their experience in the US, followed by group activities for three major global issues–energy, foodstuff and water.

I opened the session with my interest in global agenda and my involvement with various initiatives on global agenda.  I was speaking  both in English and in Japanese, which  was a bit confusing!

beyondsessionHigh school students were a bit shy at the beginning, but they got very engaged as we discussed what social issues they have noticed in the US, and onto the discussion on one of the three major issues of energy, foodstuff and water. Volunteer leaders  helped them put together short presentation.(photo with all students)

After they worked on the issues yesterday with experts on the three issues (T. Nakamura whom we had for Global Agenda Seminar on Thursday!, K. Fujisawa whom I know well through Davos and Table for Two etc., and Ms. Kiyama of JEN)  together with a group of volunteers from Bank of America Merry Lynch.  The company let us use their beautiful facilities at Nihonbashi Coledo and supported the academy.

Today, Sunday, we had Global Leadership Academy 2013 luncheon with all the students, volunteers, supporters and US Ambassador Mr. John V. Roos. We began the luncheon with the moment of silence, as tomorrow, March 11, is the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami.

I sat at the table with three high school students I met on Friday, together with supporters and volunteers.  It was such a nice occasion which reminded all of us present that we are moving forward.

9 student groups made a presentation on the issue they studied and I was very impressed with the progress they made in the three days.   I want to congratulate  all the 9 teams for their effort and hard work.  (Two teams won the prize!)

beyondlnchWe ended the luncheon with their song. (photo on the left)  I am so grateful for being given this opportunity to spend some time with the students, as well as all those people who have supported them.  I want to make sure that our efforts will continue, as the young people are the future and they are the ones that create the better world.

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