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  On the day after I came back to Tokyo,  the announcement (these days, not official, but informal!) that the rainy season has ended was made.  It meant that bright sunny days with very high humidity are now with us.  

   As you travel and spend several days/weeks in different environment, you start noticing small things.  For example, I notice that my hands tend to be wet while in Tokyo even after I dry them with the towel. When I am in British Columbia, I need to worry about not making my hands too dry and need to apply a lot of moisturizer so often.  (Naturally, I do not need a hair dryer, as my hair gets dried with “natural hair dryer!”  These impressions are very physical and real. 

  I think there are so many differences  much more subtle, in our way of thinking, seeing things etc. etc. in different environment.   You do not get vivid impression of the differences unless you actually “experience” these things.   I suppose we also need to have certain amount of sensitivity to see the difference.  I used to think the sensitivity is something that you are born with, but now I have begun to think that  you can actually develop the sensitivity.  The key seems to be how muc of an experience you have yourself and what kind of people are around you who encourage you to be aware of the differences.

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