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On Monday, June 27, I came to Miyako, Iwate prefecture. This is my first trip to Tohoku region since the earthquake etc. on March 11. I wanted to come, as I believe I have to see the field myself.(Photo below shows a part of it.)

MotoY Bldg&damageI jumped on the opportunity when it presented itself and planned a trip to visit Miyako where one of our ICS alumni (photo on the left)  is managing the hotel & bus company first, drive down along the coast to visit Ishinomaki & other areas, and fly from Sendai airport to Osaka. (Photo below shows myself with one pine tree left at Rikuzen Takata)
It was definitely the trip worthwhile for me, (though very short) as I learned many lessons, many issues & many opportunities.
pineYDesigning new Job & industry, moving people around- so far these are the lessons for me.

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