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 Now I am at Narita airport lounge, waiting for my flight to Newark. The objective of this trip is to participate in the panel at Japan Society which was canceled due to the heavy snow in early February. I am also to join BBC radio show while in New York. (We tried to do it in Tokyo, but could not find the studio where I could do. So we are trying from NY!)
The trip to get to Narita was not without incident. I tried to check in online last night, but could not do as my info. was outdated. So I tried to come to have enough time and changed Narita Express to the earlier one. I was also afraid there are so many flights out from Narita late afternoon and wanted to have enough time.
When I got to Shibuya, however, I found out that Narita Express is delayed due to the accident. So I hopped onto even earlier one (I find it is always better to take the first one when there is a delay and/or think of other ways to get to the airport.) I arrived about half an hour late, but managed to check in and also register for automated passport control. (I renewed passport and my old registration does not work any m
I got it done and now relaxed at the lounge… As I have been short on sleep (midnight teleconference, and last minute travel arrangement!) I these few days,  am hoping I can relax w good dinner/wine and good movie/sleep. My final try for the ticket to Zankel Hall this evening (April 6) did not work, even after five trials in as many days! Despite that, I am very much looking forward to the time in my favourite city….

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