As I was listening to Sunday shows on politics from the US major networks, I could not help thinking that President Trump and his team is very strategic in maneuvering the timing and content of what they say.
Before he was sworn in, I heard that President (then elect) Trump met with many different kinds of people including “celebrities,” and in particular, when not great news for his team such as long confirmation hearings of his cabinet members etc. were underway. It is because media tends to report news about celebrities to catch attention of people, and NOT report what goes on elsewhere.
Along the same lines, President Trump and press secretary made a big deal about the crowd size at inauguration and attacked media. Is it not their attempt to divert attention from the huge scale of protest demonstrations? I heard media people fighting truth about crowd size on and on at the Sunday show, and not discuss much about the possibly the “largest demonstration” in US history.
If this is President Trump’s way of managing timing and content of information, he is much more shrewd than what media thinks. Probably we can learn from his strategy?