We hosted the discussion on “What we want to learn as new business calendar started” and “How do we design the format etc?” last night at SINCA.  Many ideas discussed inspired me very much and many ideas came as to the next steps of SINCA.  In fact, I started feeling that the session has become a bit too boring as we had sessions in the same format (small breakout group sessions), though we different topics.

As some participated suggested, we will try debate sessions.  In fact, we had several debate sessions until September last year (we debated Olympics even twice!)  I think we are better off trying some other topics than Olympics even though it could be a good topic for the Tokyo government etc.

As many work reform ideas are now discussed and debated, we want to try two topics-, both of which are somewhat related to the new learning discussed last night.  The topics we are thinking are !. 4-work day week and 2. second/double job in addition to the regular job.  Both topics lend itself well to the debate format, because we can argue either from Affirmative or Negative side.

We are thinking about hosting the debate session right after the Golden Week holidays, as it is likely that our movement and travel would be restricted due to the fourth surge of Covid-19.  We will inform details as soon as we decide.  So stay tuned.