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This past week has been full of events such as many meetings for the project, board meeting, meeting for the upcoming seminars and dinner with friends, leaving little time to myself.  More events and activities are planned this weekend and I have had difficulty relaxing with 24/7!

I also notice many people around me seem to follow the similar schedule, as I find many people work from early in the morning until late at night, often including the weekend.  I suppose it is due to the fact that technological progress has reduced lead time, increasing activities to do, while fewer number of people work today.  In other words, many people who still have a job seem to follow 24/7 schedule.

Though it is TGIF! today, I have had so many meetings and things to do that I was rushing from one meeting to another.  It becomes difficult to feel relaxed and refreshed.  What makes me relax is the music.  I listened to CD I bought last week (I had no time to listen to it until now!) and finally I feel that I have a breathing space.

I need to think about and practice  new way of dealing with work and activities, as I have almost exhausted other ways such as cutting commuting time and skipping dinners and receptions.   May be this is the good opportunity to reflect and start from scratch!

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