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I wrote about the opportunity and headache of writing a column every month on my blog few days ago.  I extended my lessons (of NOT writing and send when you are mad at something) to other communication such as email or SNS.  My column is now published on the Opinion page of the Japan Times today, June 11.

I discussed the timing of hosting the first State Visit by the US President Trump in the new Reiwa era and series of G20 meetings now underway and upcoming later this month.  This is the great stage if we want to perform with clear message and convincing story.  We might be able to play mediating role in the complicated space of trade, security, nationalism, climate change, global governance of data/information flow.  In fact, Prime Minister Abe has been making every effort to do it,  I argue that the enthusiasm and strong intention to make best use of this opportunity with actions is not shared by many. I am afraid that we are losing the opportunity to make our presence felt, from my own recent experiences.

I did not want to convey the message “Good old days” (I am a baby boomer generation!) and too negative message that there is little hope from general public. I tried hard not to do so, and probably succeeded a bit with the little hope at the end.  Here is the link to the article.  For all the articles I wrote so far on the Opinion page, you can go to this link.

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