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These few days, I walked around looking for cherry blossoms which are now in full bloom. The nice sunny weather has cooperated for us to enjoy SAKURA. I see many people enjoying picnic under the cherry tree, which is nice. I also like to just walk around by myself under the cherry trees.
I am glad that  this year I have opportunity to enjoy cherry blossoms and nice spring weather, as the season is usually so short and I miss it. This year, it so happens that I am in Tokyo and the best time to view Sakura falls on weekend. It is a nice break from busy days when I run around from meetings here to meetings there. I make it a habit to walk 10,000 steps a day as minimum, and walking at my own pace to reach that target is much better than running around, climbing steps at the stations to catch subway etc.
I recall “going for a walk” is good break as it makes you clear your head, think through and often come to your own conclusion, even for the complicated matters. Walking under the cherry blossom on spring day make you feel relaxed and regain quiet energy, instead of always feeling  pressed for time.  It often leads you to new experience and encounters.
I notice that convenience stores turning into pharmacy and houses turning into elderly care facilities. I realize that this area has high ratio of the elderly.
As April arrives, however, new students will arrive (there is a university nearby), changing the landscape completely. High energy of young people is inspiring in its own way and makes us feel energized. For now, with cherry blossoms coming in much earlier than usual, we are blessed for some quiet time to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms…

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