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As the end of Heisei is coming close and new era of Reiwa is just about to start, it will be a good opportunity for all of us to reflect our life during Heisei and to plan a new step to design our own life and career for Reiwa.  For me, I always need some trigger-new year, new era, birthday or whatever-to reflect my past/present and design my future.

In fact, during the key note speech at IT Forum in Bahia, Brazil, I discussed how the new era could symbolize new beginning for Japan and make the best of opportunities we have. (The talk was on Society 5.0 in Japan and I discussed how we could build the platform for all, regardless of age, gender etc. to design the life on our own,  by capitalizing  imagination to use technology, to address some of our issues such as ageing etc.

In addition to the timing such as new era, etc., I believe we need community to express our ideas, and share plans.

One such community I appreciate very much is the Global Agenda Seminar network.  GAS began in 2010 for the purpose of developing global leaders at Roppongi Academy Hills and has been conducted  every year (except in 2011) since then.  I have served as main facilitator of this seminar series and have enjoyed every one of them.  It seems that the biggest benefit that participants of this seminar series receive is not only the guest speakers (we have had quite a few from different fields), and actual experience of practicing debate, discussion, individual and group work, as well as presentation etc. , but also the inspiration and stimulation they receive from each other. Many have made critical career decisions after or during the GAS such as start up, in-house entrepreneurs, change career and or change the location of their activities.

This year, GAS 2019 will start in June and continue with the same group until September.  This Friday we will have trial session for those who are interested in the seminar but may have some concerns, and the application is open until after the 10-day vacation.  May 13.   Starting today, I will post video interviews I conducted with the GAS alumni for different occasions so that you will find how they made best of GAS to reflect, and design their own career.

To start, here is the interview I did on April 12 with Prof. Tokutaro Hiramoto, participant of the GAS 2010 and now expert on SDGs as director of SDG Promotion center at Kanazawa Institute of Technology.  Enjoy! The other interview will follow the next several days.

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