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As in the past, the application for the St. Gallen Wing of Excellence Essay Competition is open for St. Gallen Symposium.  This year’s topic is “Clash of Generations” and there are four topics, any of which  you can write an essay.  The deadline is Feb. 1, 2014 (thus you still have three more weeks!).  As long as you are enrolled at the graduate or post graduate level of universities in any field  AND born after 1984, you can enter.

I have been involved with the Symposium in the past several years and have always been very impressed with  the quality of essays.  (I am one of the members of the Final jury.)  I like this competition because anybody can enter (as long as you are eligible as above).  You will have the chance to be selected the top 100 essays and be invited to the Symposium in May, all expenses paid.

I realize it may seem an overwhelming task to write an essay in English (particularly for those whose mother tongue is not English). But once you start, you can get there.  Choose the topic  and think about what you want to say.  Then start writing.  As you work at it, your message becomes crystallized.  So do NOT wait until the last week of January!  Start now!  For details of this year’s competition and to find out more about the past winners etc., check their website.

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