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 I came back to Tokyo on Monday for three days. It was three days packed with important meetings, dinners and receptions to celebrate and for fun. On Tuesday, July 8, I had an advisory board meeting, and a routine visit to the hospital (my doctor was out sick for a week, which made me realize that medical doctors do get sick as well as we do!) I also taped the show(I do this every other month), introducing St. Gallen Symposium, and ended the day with the party of celebration.  

 The next day began with the faculty meeting at ICS, followed with the missed opportunity to attend another party of celebration. It ended with dinner with a group of very interesting people (I had to leave early to pack etc., while the discussion was getting interesting.) Today I had a weekly meeting of CSTP (Council for Science & Technology Policy), followed by the interactive/informal meeting with the top executive of the global company. Here I am now at the airport lounge, leaving for Vancouver.

 Despite a bit of jet lag and crazy things which happened in the past two days (such as the missing copies of the interview I had for Nikkei Business), it was nice to be back in Tokyo for a few days.  I now realize good and bad of having high humidity.  Humidity makes you feel tired but it makes draft beer taste so GOOD!  

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