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IMG_4750 I ended up watching three movies on the flight I took from Narita to JFK yesterday. They were “Birdman,” “Theory of Everything” and “Whiplash”,  all winners of this year’s Oscars. Why three movies? It was because I forgot to bring medicine I usually bring this time. Usually I sleep several hours (6 or more) on the long haul with one movie at most. (It is a good way not to suffer from jet lag from my experience!) I slept only a few hours (probably 3?) even after a glass of champagne & red wine to go with good dinner.

IMG_4748  I picked these three (started with Birdman, as I was interested in the story.)  I enjoyed every one of the three, movie itself, and also amazing acting.

How did I manage lack of sleep yesterday?  I made up for it as I sat in the car for two hours! from JFK to Manhattan(longest it ever took) and took a nap as soon as I checked in. (The room was ready before the check-in time.)  Not everything is bad…

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