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Many things are taking place this week and we would like to welcome you who are ready for big challenge with refreshed mind over the Golden Week Holidays. One of them is #58 of Davos Experience in Tokyo held at Philips Japan this Friday, May 11.
The topic is “Healthier world through technology” and we will learn how Philips is designing the comprehensive “health tech” eco system to keep the society healthier by using technology.
Let us find out how we can make our life healthier, from the presentation by Mr. Tsutsumi. We would like YOU to participate in brainstorming to make this health-tech vision of Philips a reality.

It will be held at Philips Japan in Shinagawa. The address is 2-13-37- Konan, Minato-ku  and it is 10  minute-walk from Shinagawa station. Here is the info. (unfortunately in Japanese)-I will post English version as soon as I locate it.)  You can register via this site. Looking forward to seeing many of you then!

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