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The month of December is hectic and makes us feel rushed as there are many things on our To do list every day. The cold weather these few days does not help make us feel energized either.

Why not step back, forget about the To do list for a while, and take a bit long-term view with us on Friday, Dec. 12?

We will host #21 of “Davos experience in Tokyo” series at Wilson Learning from 19:00 this Friday. (It is half an hour early as we will move to the Ark Hills Cafe for networking afterwards.)

There you will reflect the year 2014 and think of your plan for the new year 2015.  In a small group discussion, so you can relax and enjoy the conversation in English.

We will hold auction at the venue, instead of asking you to bid before hand. (After all, we have only 2 days!) If you register, we will send the list of items for you to look at. We will have some presents (bags I have received at international conferences) so that you will have a glimpse of  what it is like to participate in the international conference.

For details and registration, follow this link. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

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