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freemarketSession #35 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series is coming up this Friday. We will host “experience auction” to develop marketing sense and to find out “value” in buyers’ eyes of our hidden? skills and expertise.
Probably due to the hectic days of “year-end” and/or Friday right before the long weekend, we still need more bodies to participate. So far, we have many who are interested in offering, but we need bidders, too.
I will offer four items (and in fact, may explain a bit more about the exciting project we- Kazuki, Dai and I- are about to embark- there.) which you can seen on my blog post. You can offer something light such as “Service to do your errands for xx hours” “sort your documents/books -and send them to Book-off?” etc.
If you have time or happen to have some time this Friday, come join us to find out what value is all about in our eyes. For details and registration, visit our site.

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