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The third and last day of Summer Davos in Asia was very inspiring. After a few days of low energy level and feeling somewhat weak, I began feeling great and my energy came back.

The day began with the China-Japan Dialogue breakfast where I met with some new people. I then decided to attend every possible session that fit my schedule AND that interest me.  (This is usually my style of participating in the conference.  The past few days since I came to Dalian was an exception as I was not physically feeling good AND I had some other matters that distracted me.)

I decided not to let other matters distract me for the time being, and attacked all the relevant sessions. Among them were sessions entitled Learning Creativity, Addressing Digital Divides, Art of Improvisation, Data Visualization & Gaming Strategy.  I liked Improvisation workshop and Visualization session, which gave me new ideas for workshop.

I attended the last plenary session entitled “Innovating into the Future” moderated by Nik. Panelists had a variety of ideas/definitions of innovation and it seemed that “discussing innovation” may have limitations. To me, innovation comes from experiment & “doing” rather than “discussing.”

My take away from the Summer Davos in Asia 2013 was increasing role/impact of technology in many more aspects of our life and simultaneously, the importance of human act of meeting with people, sharing AND thinking on own.

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