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Yesterday, I went to see Shiota Chiharu show entitled “The Soul Trembles” at Mori Art Museum in Roppongi.  I go to Roppongi Hills often (in fact, I visited Yoji Yamamoto’s pop up store & Yoichi Ochiai’s photo show in the area few days ago).

As I saw poster of Shiota Chiharu here and there with red threads, I was intrigued by it and wanted to go before it ends.

One of the first installations is huge piece of red thread.  I liked the small piece (on the left) before I walked into the big room with the huge piece, but the immersive installations of threads strung in the big space is so powerful and almost overwhelming.   As I followed explanation of her journey as artist, I almost felt that I had my breath taken away, just imagining what she was feeling and thinking.

The video showing her interview showed her in relaxed and so natural that some of her earlier work with mud and herself(though I have no way of knowing) seemed that she must have experienced so much emotions, feelings and kept asking.

I liked burnt piano and the doors to go to the different world.  I also liked the suitcase with photos, etc.  The video  of children (German?) talking about what soul is, is  quite intriguing.

The show goes on until October 27.  I strong recommend.  Here are details.


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