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I went to see the show The Bridge by Shiki Theatre Group on Saturday.  It was the first performance at the newly built theater, Spring.  I received an invitation and I was looking forward to it, but I had to make a tough decision as I had deadline of my paper on the following day, Sunday, and I was getting behind.

I am glad I went as I got a lot of energy.  Several things caught my attention.  I was so happy to see artists look so happy performing.  I know that they had to postpone the opening of the new theatre due to Covid-19.  Seeing them so happy and proud on stage was so impressive and I got so emotional as I thought how difficult it must have been for them not able to perform.

I was struck by the lyrics of the songs I heard for the first time.  It appears that they used lyrics from many years ago when the group was founded.  It was filled with high aspirations and lofty goals they want to accomplish.

I was thrilled to see Osami IIno and Yayoi Aoyama, playing key parts.  Osami used to be a member of the first Johnnys and he was my hero as his dance was so sharp.  I followed him as he started performing for musicals and then joined the Shiki group.

I had thought he must have been from the same generation as I am and checked his age.  I was right.  Finding his age (he is a bit older than I am) convinced me that you can be very good regardless of age, if you find your purpose (so to speak, and train day in and day out with discipline.  I met with Yayoi (much younger, but still relatively old among the artists there) and found out that she graduated from the same school as I did.  I saw her many times for the show Mamma Mia, but have not seen her lately.  She was going as strong as Osami.

I mentioned how impressed and happy I was to see them to Yoshida san, president of Shiki, and he said the show is the Bridge of generations, too.  Now I know the true meaning of the show.

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