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Whenever I am in New York, almost every day I have clam chowder -Manhattan or New England- for lunch. There are many gourmet places which multiple kinds of soup is prepared every day and served for take out. (I wrote about it on my blog before.)
In Whistler, I have NOT tried take-out soup at grocer stores, as selections are limited and I do not find my favourite-clam chowder and/or tomato w basil.
But this morning I decided to try Thai Chicken soup(photo on the left)  for lunch, as it is cold at 50F i the morning and I should at least give it a try. (I was also getting tired of protein smoothie and yogurt w berries brunch I have every day.) Thai chicken soup is quite spicy and good and I am glad I tried it. (I love Thai food!)
Other than lots of berries etc. my meal in Whistler always consists of salad of greens (spinach, arugula etc) with my own dressing with shredded cheese and sliced sauteed garlic. Sometimes, I put mushrooms and/or half-boiled egg. My main is often fish, sometimes, chicken and pasta. I cannot miss salad of greens as they are so fresh and so good.

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