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 Today, August 25, was the last Friday for me during the stay in Whistler, 2017. I went to the circuit class despite the fact I had teleconference until 1:30 a.m. this morning, only to find it was quite tough. We went through 11 stations three times. (Photo on the left showing the setup.)
 In the evening, I pushed? myself to play 5 holes of golf as I was not able to play yesterday and I still wanted to get familiar with my new golf club. I played with the man from Vancouver whom I played twice before and the man who just arrived from Florida. It was such a lovely evening and so quiet and peaceful. (Pink flowers at the golf course.)
 I then went to the free concert at the Olympic Plaza, almost for the first time this summer. Many people including small children were there, enjoying music and summer evening. Here is a short video I made.

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