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Today is Friday, October 23, but it was far from TGIF! (or probably too close TGIF!)  I decided to continue follow up activities of Dad’s estate etc. and checked the detailed process and required document.  It turned out that I can ask for necessary document by mail , instead of going to the Setagaya ward office which is located at relatively inconvenient place (particularly in pouring rain like this morning!)  I called the office few times to make sure I have all the papers needed and sent them off. I ended up walking 11km in the rain and it took the whole morning.

I missed the first part of the online meeting I was supposed to start (because I mixed up the starting time) and joined 10-15 minutes later.   (I was so embarrassed.)

After technical difficulty I had yesterday for moderating the panel on digitalization in Japan (I could not join the first 20 minutes or so and joined the rest without video!) I am getting a bit nervous as we use variety of platform Besides I have so many online meetings lately, I feel I am busier than before.

This coming week is no better, as I have 3 prep online meetings (two in Japanese and the other somewhere in Asia), two board meetings back to back (or rather simultaneously) and two online seminars, in addition to the article due on Wednesday.

I plan to get some rest tomorrow as I have online interview on Sunday.

I listened to the day 2 of Roundtable Japan discussion, which covered many big topics such as China US Japan and outlook of Japanese economy this evening.  It was interesting to hear variety of views from people representing different parts of the world (Japan, China, US ) and from different generations.  (The panel I moderated yesterday was on digitalization and I could relate to it better than US-China-Japan and was happy to ask many questions I had in mind!)  Some remarks related to the US policies after the election I found interesting.

I missed the US Presidential debate which I hear was much more civilized? though with many remarks beyond fact-check. 10 more days before the election, and it may go on until early next year (according to quite a few people.)  In a way, I am exhausted from Covid-19 and uncertainties around the US election, though on both fronts, Japan seems to be much more stable.

Good news to end today was that Yoshihara Habu who challenges Ryuoh Toyoshima in Shogi Ryuoh sen title match won the game 2.  After being crushed in game No. 1, I was quite worried, as it has been a while since he joined the title match.  Ryuoh sen title match continues and I have something to look forward to.


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