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This evening I hosted a get together with my friends. I have been hosting this get together over the past two decades or so and total number of “members”? when I started was  12 or 13.  it is sad to realize that we lost one person to cancer and that some of the members are not able to come because they need to care for their parents or their children or grandchildren.

This evening we had six altogether including me. We had fun as always as we talked about what we have been up to (a few broke their elbow, wrist etc. when they fell!) . It was  great to share our activities and what our recent interests have been.  In particular I wanted to ask them about the places I could take my grand daughter (10 years old) when she comes with her Dad (my stepson) in June.  They gave me some good ideas. I also got some ideas about things I could make using my hands.  This has been on my mind for some time. It was fun evening…

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