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Last week, I heard/watched two webinar sessions  related to Cyber Security (one was on medical cyber security) from Israel.   Today, I received the invitation to attend  the webinar entitled Technological control of the Covid-19, pandemic  Israel test case.   (Agenda on the left)  Its main focus was how Ministry of Health etc. approach to control Covid-19 in Israel.

As I knew that digital health is very advanced in Israel, I watched 1.5 hr session.  It was quite extraordinary as various aspects of controlling  Covid-19 pandemic were covered. such as chain of transmission system.  am so impressed with the way they use big data, algorithm etc. location information of people for coronavirus.  .

Israel Ministry of Health is open to collaborate with other governments and I wonder whether Japanese government has worked with them.  (I understand that the health data in Japan has so much room for improvement before it can be used to trace etc.)

I understand what they are doing, though how they design architecture etc. is beyond me.  As  I hear more about how they use data cautiously, I was very impressed with their attention to details and to  the psychological aspect of people’s fear and anxiety about coronavirus.  It appears that the main concept of technological control in Israel  is to make it open, transparent and let people have control over what they do.

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