It is wonderful to have all the technological means so that we can communicate with people throughout the world.  However, it sometimes means that you operate almost 24 hours to a day!

I have been very busy this week, as we started the new course at ICS, I met with my students who are taking Independent Research Project, met with the staff  at the Academy Hills for the Global Agenda Seminar (which starts this Saturday) among other things.

In addition to that, I had a teleconferencing last night with the U.S. east coast and Europe to discuss upcoming Work Space session in Davos.  I co-facilitate the session on Talent Mobility and we discussed the detailed session structure.  As teleconferencing involves people at three different Continents,  we (in Japan) usually participate the one which happens to be late at night our time.  We started at 10:30 p.m. (much better than 11:00 p.m.!) and spent a good hour discussing the format, questions, groupings and expected output.  As the session itself is over 2 hours, we need good outline and need to have a pretty clear idea of what kind of output we want at the end of the session.

We started with the outline prepared, went over each section, and debated.  In the process, we came up with many different ideas and finally came to a good plan which seems to meet our expectations.  (It was very interesting because you can see one idea building on another idea and so on. )  I forgot about time while we were discussing, as I was thinking about many different ideas on the spot.  It took exactly an hour by the time we were finished.  I felt exhausted after the teleconferencing (ended at 11:30 p.m), but felt quite satisfied.

We will have another round of teleconferencing to confirm our structure again next week.  It is great to have all the technological means to interact with each other, no matter where you are.  But it is still late at night!   I realize that we really need physical and mental stamina to survive and grow in the 21st century.