This coming Saturday, May 21, will see the  TEDxTokyo 2011 at  Miraikan in Odaiba.  Last year, I was invited for the first time and had a wonderful time.  I saw a variety of exciting and stimulating presentations, met with many people I had heard of, and had such an exciting day.  I am naturally very much looking forward to the event this Saturday.  If you look at the list of speakers, you get even more excited!  (This event is by Invitation only, but you can watch ustream.)

  Today, May 17, we are fortunate to have Todd Potter, curator of TEDxTokyo, as our guest for the Innovator Seminar Series at KMD.  We followed the dialogue style(rather than one-way presentation), making the best of the opportunity to have him physically with us.  After all,  we can watch video and slides online, but we do not have many opportunities to have him in person face to face!

  We (Todd and I) are getting more and more excited as we talked about many things and I hope that the students who were present there get some of that passion.  I was very impressed with his message, “Do something you are passionate about, as time is short” which I fully agree.  After all, it is our own life and we do NOT want to waste any part of it. 

  After the session, I asked him about the project he was about to launch (as I wanted to be a part of it) and talked about the projects I am passionate about.  We went on and on, talking about the kind of platform and space  we want to design and build.  By the time I realized, it was already after 6 o’clock, i.e. we were talking about various ideas for almost two hours!  You forget time when you are with people who are full of ideas and ready to take action.  I felt how fortunate we are to have had him as our guest!