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10290615_682914355110893_876423377817423624_n10336757_647675641988555_5635515332047688945_nI was given an incredible opportunity to speak at TEDxTokyo 2014 yesterday, May 31. The title of my talk  was “Fly away with me” and I talked about my life as a kite.
It was made possible with so much help from people including Patrick, Cellen, other speakers who participated in the workshop with me (four times in total), interpreters who gave me suggestions, as well as my students at KMD who drew illustrations and put together slides.
It was a nerve wrecking to get up and talk about my personal experiences in front of many people, but the experience was awesome.
After a day of excitement, I finally got a chance to see video of my talk. You can watch here. (It is not clear whether this link will get directly to my talk or not, but I will try.)

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