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This afternoon (Sunday, September 1), the TEDxTokyo 10 year Reunion was held at Shizenkan in Nihonbashi.  I went to see many old friends and those who did a talk in the pst TEDxTokyo events.  It was nice to see some familiar faces (some I have not seen for years).  I was also able to meet with new people introduced by my friends.

We had talks by several past speakers and by the staff who have been in charge of production and operation, who shared with us what they have been doing since their TEDxTokyo talk and what they are now up to. It was great to find out what new projects and initiatives they are involved.

What was most impressive for me was that I found many things that have been floating? in my mind for the past few weeks there.  From my experience in Brazil, meeting and visits at different places in Tokyo for our SINCA sessions, live streaming of SU Summit 2019 last week and Global Agenda seminar special session last week,  several issues and ideas have been in my mind, with no clear line of thought.  I have thought of many bits and pieces of ideas, as I received so much inspiration and insights in the past few weeks.    When I read the paper and watch traditional media in Japan, however, I sometimes feel that I am in a different world as what they discuss is so different from what has been on my mind.

So today’s gathering of interesting and inspiring talks and exciting discussion I had with people gave me a big relief, as I felt this is the community where I can share many of my thoughts and ideas.  I also received quite a few insights and inspiring ideas that I have not thought of until today.

It was also nice to see Rio who was in high school when I met several years ago is now in college and still playing incredible ukulele.

Great reunion to see people who continue to have more new ideas and to be involved in new and exciting projects.  I am so glad that I went!

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