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What can technology bring to us?  What kind of new opportunities will emerge by technology and how  our conventional wisdom is turned upside down?  This TED Talk by Hugh Herr shows it so vividly.  I saw this video for the first time last October when  Joey Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab introduced it to us at the Innovative City Forum.

I also hear that Dr. Ken Endo, CEO of Xiborg and our guest for Session #22 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series on Friday, January 23, has been working for advancing the research in this area and for bringing these technologies to many more people in the world. (He worked with Prof. Hugh Herr while at MIT Media Lab.)

This video is about 19 minutes long.  Be sure to watch the beginning when Hugh talks about how he began this research and the ending where a lady who lost a leg during Boston bombing dances for the first time on stage after the incident.  They say, “People are not broken”.  “There are no disabled people.”   Join us to develop creative ideas to promote this initiative.  Check our website and register.  Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, January 23!

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