I spent the last day of 10-day holidays, working on iMovie preparation of my talk for Asia Update in Estonia and attending Javascript session at Code Chrysalis.  These two took all my time for the day.  After trying to prepare video using iPad and my Mac, but in vain after several hours yesterday.  I decided to try with iMovie as I was running out of time.

After sorting slides and practicing voice over in English a few times, I made 20+ min. iMovie.  I tried to upload it to Youtube, I received the warning that the maximum time for Youtube is 15 minutes!   I was disappointed as I spent considerable time selecting/sorting slides and practice voice over to fit the video.  But I had no other choice but trying to cut some slide and/or shorten the time for slides, added short video of my introduction and wrap up and completed the iMovie.  It was a few seconds short of 15 minutes limit!

Uploading it to Youtube took considerable time and I was getting nervous (as deadline was approaching fast!), I managed to upload it and sent the link to the organizers. (Have not received the confirmation yet.)

Then I decided to go to Javascript session at Code Chrysalis I had signed up for.  We spent close to three hours going over the basics of Javascript and we were finished around 10 pm.  As I had to concentrate on learning how to code with Javascript (first time to use Javascript), I completely forgot about the pain along my nose.  I also remembered some steps of coding I learned last year in online course.  I am delighted that I went and got inspired by the joy (& struggle) of learning something new.  10-day holidays are over and I am not able to visit Estonia this time, but there is always (hopefully) next time.