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Last night (Nov. 13), we hosted Global Agenda Seminar (GAS) 2018 Special seminar #5 at Roppongi Academy Hills.   We had Tomer Schussman as our guest speaker. He introduced Talpiot Program, national program of Israel, where young people (18 year old) go through very comprehensive and disciplined program for three years.  It was meant to be the elite program for developing leaders who could address and solve the problems.  As every person has the duty to serve at army in  Israel, this program is very well positioned as key program for very selected members of that cohort.

I thought the steps cover variety of subjects and skills so well and particularly liked the foundation course of physics and math and computer science for cadets to learn how to learn and how to doubt.  I had an impression that  this is the key to the success of Israel developing so many leaders in different fields with tough mind and superb creative problem solving  capabilities.  He explained various parts of the programs and how they are well organized and coordinated.  It was interesting to hear that cadets are to be “broken.” by being given the impossible tasks.

We had quite few questions from the floor after his talk and discussion with me.  I hope many in the audience get the feel for the disciplined approach to the leadership with creative problem solving capability.  In fact, Million Steps which is arranging seminars and Japan Israel Innovation Summit etc. (I believe) is exploring the possibility of applying this program or a part of it to Japan.

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