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Though it is in Japanese and we have no plans to do it in English, our new book “Talpiot-How Israel develops technology leaders”  will be ready at bookstores and Amazon in a few days.  This project was driven by Momoko Amemiya, young editor at Nikkei Publishing whom I happened to meet late 2018.  We had Tomer Shussman who graduated from Talpiot program and then chief instructor for the program as guest speaker at Global Agenda special seminar and I moderated our discussion after his presentation.  Momoko was very interested in the topic, in particular, as Israel began attracting attention for start up and  innovation among the Japanese companies.  She pushed the idea of publishing the book and we began our project.

We had Tomer Shussman and his friend (now his wife, Naama Rubenchik) who was a student at Kyoto university as scholarship student by Ministry, join as co-authors and we conducted series of telephone interviews with Tomer in Tel Aviv and Naama, myself, Akiko who served as writer and Momoko in Tokyo.  In the meantime, we collected information regarding start up in Israel and interviewed with quite a few people familiar with the topic  in Japan.  We decided to visit Tel Aviv in early November, 2019.  Naama kindly made arrangement for interviews with entrepreneurs and other people in Israel.

The trip to Tel Aviv was very interesting (the first visit for me) though it was rather brief and we met and visited many people.  We walked around the city to find that Tel Aviv was a combination of history/tradition and new and high spirit with vision and aspiration.  It took some more time to finish the final version of the book after several rounds of revisions.  It has been a long journey, and we are grateful for many who have supported us.  It was very exciting and new experience for me.    Now it is up to us to market the book!

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