IMG_0334Sunday evening (June 26), we (Kazuki Yamada, Dai Fujikura and myself) taped the talk on a variety of topics. I had known the two for some time and wanted to have the opportunity for us to talk not only about Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo which three of us are now involved, but also much broader topics on what role music plays in today’s world etc.   As it was the only narrow window for two of them to be in Tokyo (both of them are based in Europe and visit Tokyo for concerts etc.), we scheduled the talk late at night at Roppongi Academy Hills.

We talked about how two got to know each other and have collaborated (which I hear rather unusual in the classical music) and to my surprise, we found that Kazuki and I were at the same gala dinner commemorating the 150th anniversary of Swiss/Japan relationship two years ago.  We also found another factor that is common among three of us. (You can guess!)

We talked about how music connects the people in today’s world, how collaborative it could be etc.  It was very interesting for me to find out what “resident artist” signifies (different from composer in residence etc.) and how conductor works with orchestra and/or chorus groups.   As we try to bring about renaissance to Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo as music director, resident artist and business advisor, our ideas had no limits.  It is up to us how we can implement some of new and creative ideas.  We will need collaboration from others and among all, we will need to engage a variety of groups of people.  We managed to tape 2-hour talk (we went on and on and could have gone more!) until after 11:00 pm and will try a variety of ways to communicate our thoughts and to engage many people.