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img_2098Last night, I attended the talk session on composition workshop in Soma organized by Elsistema Japan and sponsored by LVMH. It was held at the Espace Louis Vuitton in Omote Sando.(Photo on the left)
After showing the short video of the workshop, Dai Fujikura who produced the talk session and led the workshop on Saturday explained his concept behind the workshop. I have heard much about it from Dai and attended myself on Saturday, so I was particularly interested in the Talk Session.
What I find impressive is his concept of liberating people from “Do’s” and “Should’s” which take much of our daily life. You can compose anything, which I do like.
img_2101As I have written on my blog (more on Japanese version than English) often, there are so many of us (including me) who feel that we have to follow certain rules, i.e. we put ourselves on the chain and put ourselves in the box. This workshop is where you can be free.
What I thought very interesting during the Talks session is more related to music. Dai said that music requires composer, performer and listener. It is VERY different from other forms of art such as paintings and moves where you can watch on your own. I like his idea of “collaboration” and “communication” as core concept of music.
Other panelists than Dai included Yutaka Kikugawa, of El Sistema Japan, Mr.Norbert Leuret, president and CEO of LVLMH Japan, with Michiko Shimizu as moderator.
15385381_1362423500457677_8559105069226843325_oHidejiro Honjo, Shamisen artist at Soma workshop on Saturday was there, too.(photo on the left)
In fact, it was very interesting to see the process of collaboration between composer and performers, Honjo san and Clare Chase, flutist I met in NY. I think music has additional significance as you can hear your own composition performed by the artist then, there.

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