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This afternoon, I was given the opportunity to give a talk online at Kyushu Region Policy Design School.  At their request, I discussed Talpiot program in Israel, on which, we wrote the book recently , and SINCA, workshop series I host in the past two years (after 5 years of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.)

After some thought, I wanted to encourage them to place Kyushu/Fukuoka on the world map by communicating their vision for the region in the context of the evolving world landscape AND by focusing on the unique activities they are conducting.  I wanted them to have global view/perspective AND have high aspiration.  (It could be crazy dream and vision.)  It is my belief that we can and should always start with big picture, instead of starting from the issues at hand.  It is because we can always scale back, and focus on details, but not the other way round.  As Covid-19 we now face has forced all of us to revisit our assumptions and has restricted physical free flow, we can dream big by using technology (i.e. going beyond regional and national boundaries) and by contacting anybody any where in the world.

I hope my message reached the audience, as I received  many questions and tried my best of knowledge to respond.  (In fact, I made a huge mistake of thinking the session was for one hour, instead of 1.5 hours. I even practiced the session using slides in the morning and felt prepared as it took some 45 minutes -leaving 15 min. or so for Q & A.)  In the middle of the session, I realized that it would end at 2:30 and ended up responding to so many questions.

As I reflect back, I wanted to make the session as interactive as possible, so in a way that was hopefully accomplished, despite my unforgivable misunderstanding and absent mindedness1)

I would be very interested in the progress of their project and would love to find out how they proceed.  I am grateful to the people of Kyushu university and those in charge, in particular, Professor Shuhei Ishimaru who had to facilitate much longer Q & A session than originally scheduled! (Featured photo is from the session last year. This year talk was given online.)

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