Yesterday afternoon (Feb. 8) I gave a talk at the monthly special seminar for members of Chubu Association of Business Executives.  I received an invitation to come to Nagoya for the talk and I was tempted to do so.  However, with Covid-19 as is, we decided that I would give a talk via zoom webinar. from the conference room in Tokyo.  I greatly appreciate the help of the staff members with technical arrangement. It turned out that the person in charge was the alumni of Aoyama Gakuin University I used to teach.  (It was very nice to find alumni being active in business world.)

The topic was “How has Israel become the “Silicon Valley” of Middle East? -Talpiot Program to develop super technology leaders-its secret.”  I understand that they had planned to send the mission to Israel for the visit with various startups etc. as Israel has become known as innovation and start up capital.  Unfortunately, they had to cancel the mission due to Covid-19 and they contacted me as I published the book on “Talpiot”(in Japanese with co-authors from Israel.”

I was happy to accept the invitation and wanted to add some updated information on Israel.  Israel has been the hot topic lately as their Covid-19 vaccination is one of the fastest in the world.  I added some information about how Covid-19 vaccination program has been managed by the unit in the IDF? headed by one of the the Talpions.(alumni of Talpiot program). I also added the latest news about the geopolitical development around Israel,,including the signing of joint announcement to normalize relationships between Israel, UAE and Bahren.

After the talk I received some questions which stimulated my thinking (I was not able to respond to all, as I did not know details) and shared our plan to develop further collaboration between companies in Japan and start-ups in Israel.  I also advocated the idea of joint program for  high school students of two countries.  I sincerely hope some of my remarks lead to specific actions.

I am grateful for the opportunity to give a talk and hope that they can visit Israel soon.  (Being there is much better than just listening/reading about it.)