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 This evening I went to see my 98-year old Dad at his senior residence. As always, I asked care team whether he would be able to go to restaurant for dinner or prefer to eat at his room.  I found out that he had a pain in the right side of his stomach and could not have bath (they usually helped him take a bath Saturday afternoon.)  So I made some sandwich with a lot of filling and brought soup, soft rice with egg etc. I picked up two pieces of cake on my way as he loves sweets.

When I arrived at his room, however, he was in such a pain that the nurse and the care person were trying to figure out what was wrong.  They wondered whether he had shingles, which scared me as it is very painful (I had very bad case of shingles decades ago, but I recall how painful it was)and difficult for 98-year old to take.  The nurse gave him mild pain killer and they left, promising they would be back in an hour to check up on him.

I decided to talk him out of pain somehow, and suggested that we have light supper together.  He started with big sandwich I made with corn soup and I joined him.  He ate slowly, but finished them all. I then showed him the box of sweets I brought and he tried his favorite.  By then he seemed to be feeling OK.  I asked whether he is up to try another sweets and he ate them all!  He was very happy and satisfied.  He thanked me with a touch of smile.

When I showed him my photo at the corporate seminar yesterday, he was all smiles and told me that he was happy to see me full of energy and doing well.  I was so relieved to see his smile and left, promising him that I would be back again.

I dropped by at care station to tell them the story and they were so happy for us. I am so grateful that they give a good care.  I now know that I can get my Dad out of pain…..

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