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me-at-ichikawaOn Saturday, September 10, I gave a talk to the group of high school students at Ishikawa Gakuen. My policy is to accept the invitation to address group of high school students whenever my schedule permits, and thus, I was happy to give a talk at Saturday series at Ishikawa Gakuen.
img_1293ichikawa2Topic of my talk was “Try to get better than you were yesterday…” which is one of my favourite. I renewed some of the slides and the flow of my talk, incorporating some of my recent experiences, so that it fits the audience. I received some good questions at the end, which made me think about the interest of the high school students. Unfortunately, I did not take photo at the talk, but here is the photo we took before the session.
After the talk at Ichikawa Gakuen, I went to Saitama stadium to watch the game of Urawa Reds. It was the first time I was at the stadium and was very exciting. I was invited with others as I am to serve as img_1269moderator of one of the workshop sessions at World Forum on Sports and Culture held on October 21 at Roppongi Academy Hills. The session is entitled “Sports Nurtures Home town Pride and revitalizing local economy”  sponsored by Meiji Yasuda Life. Panelists include Mr. Negishi, the president of Meiji Yasuda, and Mr. Murai, Chairman of J League among others. As we tried to schedule meetings so that I could meet with panelists, they extended the invitation to the game. (Unfortunately, Mr. Negishi’s schedule did not work, but I got to meet with Mr. Murai.)
The game was very exciting and Urawa Reds won by 2-0. I was very happy that I wore RED! (We did not take group photo, but I took some photo and video of how Reds supporters cheered the team!)

It was a LONG day as I got up at 4:00 that morning, but it was so exciting!

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