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The report on Talent Mobility is now available at the WEF site.  This is the project I have participated over the past years.  I participated  as a facilitator for the Cross-Industry session in New York last fall and also in Davos in January.

The report highlights the following:

– Despite today’s concern and debate over the high unemployment in various economies, there is and will be more talent shortages in many countries and many industries. This will affect the innovation and economic growth in both developed and developing countries negatively.

– Increasing the mobility of talent among countries will help solve the problem, which in turn, requires collaboration among the governments, business, educational institutions and international organizations.

– The reports describes some of the best practices by some countries and states, and at the same time, it makes recommendations for specific measure for talent mobility.

–  It also includes detailed analysis of talent shortages by countries and by industries, done by Boston Consulting Group.

The report itself is quite long (over 50 pages), but has a lot of data, ideas for those interested.  You can also watch video of the Workspace session we did on the subject in Davos in January, 2010.

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