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  I find it interesting to find that I am the one that has to take my own advice. Two things happened very recently.

  One was the advice I gave (I almost forgot myself) to my colleague who just finished his Doctoral dissertation. He said that my advice of Keep writing, then it will be done was quite helpful in his endeavor to finish the dissertation. That was what I felt strongly when I struggled through writing my own doctoral dissertation over two decades ago.  As we had a celebration lately, he told me that my advice kept him going.   

  Now I am the one that needs that advice. I am struggling with the draft of chapters of my book. I reorganized several times, reviewed the same sections many times and it looks that I will never get to the end. I  sometimes feel very overwhelmed by the amount of task ahead. I sometimes feel very discouraged with the slow process and little progress. 

  It suddenly occurred to me  few days ago that I am the one that should take my own advice of Keep writing. I am the one that  needs to take MY OWN advice.

  The other incident took place when I was talking with my friend. We were talking about various issues such as logical writing, getting the message clear and story telling etc. (For this, more to come separately.)  We were talking about the PROCESS that you need to go through to get to the clear message and logical structure as things get crystallized in the process. As I am convinced that the process you go through, no matter how inefficient it may look, is an indispensable part of getting the logic and structure right, I argued the importance of trial and error, rather than trying to go right to the conclusion. 

  That was when I realized that I am the one that has to do that now for some projects. Probably I was tempted to get the message clear WITHOUT going through the process of trial and error.

  It is no fun to be in the middle of trial and error without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But I do not think you can cut short that process.  I do not think there is any “quick and dirty” way to get there for some projects. (Probably not all)  Even if the output looks quite similar to the one you began with, I think that the process of going through, trying to find the way and thinking in the process, is not wasted.

  Sometimes it helps to realize what advice you are giving to others and to apply them to yourself.     

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  1. Thank you for your advice!! As you know, I am writing two papers and I sometimes let my other responsibilities overwhelm me. I find that your advice in blog serves as an inspiration to focus on the writing job and I genuinely appreciate it.

    • yishikura
    • October 15th, 2008

    Hi, Bob, thanks for your comment. It is always easier to give advice to others!

  2. Dear Dr. Ishikura
    I used “Mind Mapping Technique” to list up all the points I wanted to include in my latest paper. I had close to one hundred key words I wanted to cover in my paper so “Mind Mapping” really helped me organize my thoughts and keep track of my progress.
    I wrote this paper as last one unit independent study at Berkeley graduate school so waht I have put together can drive innovative collaborative approach in making the world place though CSR activities and shaping public policies.

    “Use of Internet Websites and Work Flow System for Managing CSR Activities: Accelerating Collaboration Among Corporation, NPOs, and Citizens Globally.”
    and can be found on Google Knol. (text portion only for now)

    I realized that designing a competitive company is one thing (what’s taught in biz school) but, after spending one week in Washington DC learning how US polical system works, I have realized that we all need to participate in building public consensus if we were to respond to social problems and drive economic growth in every corner of the world.
    We are all counting on you, Dr. Kurokawa and other opinion leaders to provide us with basis to recongnize the issues and to participate in the world changing efforts.

    • yishikura
    • October 23rd, 2008

    Dear Eiji, this is Yoko Ishikura. Thank you very much for our insightful comments and reference. I have not reviewed them in detail, but your comment encourages me a lot. Let us keep our effort!

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