I went to the preview of Tadao Ando:Endeavors at the National Art Center in Nogizaka this afternoon. I have always adored Tadao Ando and since last year, I have had an honour to serve on the same committee of Nagamori Culture Foundation. I received very nice invitation from Ando san (as I received his note with some brochures after the meeting of Nagamori foundation in Kyoto last year) and was very much looking forward to the preview.

 It was on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the National Art Center and packed with people. Ando san’s speech is inspiring and lifted my spirit with encouraging words for hope (I was suffering a bit from heat!)

The exhibition is fantastic and powerful in a very quiet way that I particularly loved the ones he did in early years for individuals.
Church of the light installation outdoor is simply awesome. (I had no idea what it was like, and when I walked inside, I was struck by it!)
I ran into many people that I have met in the past and saw quite a few people who looked familiar (probably I saw them in media?)
I left after a while as I decided to come again early in the morning to enjoy them in more relaxed manner.