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NPO Table for Two International has been awarded two great awards, I heard from the staff this evening.  Table for Two is NPO established in 2007 by the Japanese Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum to resolve two issues related to food in the world. -Hunger and obesity.  It was one of the early NPOs with creative and innovative vision of killing two birds with one stone (so to speak) focusing on the global agenda when only few people were aware of them.  At various forum events, Table for Two banner and meals were served to help their message spread throughout the world. So they have over 10 year history.

The award they received now includes Health and Culture award with over 70 years of history and Japan SDGs award.  I am delighted that they receive such distinguished awards.

I have known Table for Two and their staff since they began (I believe) and tried to help with PR etc. when they were not that well known.  Recently, I have not had much contact with them, so I am grateful that they informed me of this great news.

In fact, I recall that we had Masa Kogure, director of the Table for Two in early years, as one of guest speakers at the first Global Agenda Seminar series when we began in 2010 and have had Ando san (current director) and others (I believe) to my class at KMD when we tried to explore ideas for website etc.    Their vision of resolving two issues related food (now food is such a hot topic, but in 2007, it was not as well known) AND their persistent effort over the decade has won the team these prestigious awards.  I think celebration is in order (Hosting the celebration will be my small contribution…)

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